Marcia combines the latest scientific findings with traditional healing wisdom to help clients:

  • Boost their energy.
  • Reach their ideal weight.
  • Reverse or recover from disease, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other illnesses.
  • Heal digestive problems.
  • Sleep soundly.
  • Feel calm, happy and confident.
  • Prolong life.
  • And attain their personal health goals.

Let Marcia help you transform your body and your life. Contact Marcia today for an appointment to discover your maximum potential through the food you eat.


Weekly Health Tip:

Know your cravings. In my personal experience and that of many friends and clients, when we eliminate unhealthful foods and begin eating healthier foods, our taste buds eventually adjust. …But it takes awhile. While our taste buds adjusts, we tend to go through a series of predictable cravings that occur in a particular order:
1. Peanut butter, tahini, and other nut butters, which provide a heavy dose of protein and fat that you may used to be getting from meat and poultry.
2. Cheese. This craving can take awhile to subside. It’s a craving for fat, protein & salt. You can substitute savory tofu dishes or dressings made with nut butters or tahini seasoned with soy sauce or umeboshi vinegar (found in health foods stores).
3. Sugar. In my experience, this craving takes the longest to disappear, since the desire for sweets is a natural human urge. But if you persevere, you can replace the craving for sugar and strong sweets with a healthier appreciation for the milder sweets of vegetables, grains, and occasional fruits.
If you’re attempting to cut back on meat/dairy/sugar/alcohol/processed foods, it may be helpful to recognize that you may go through this series of cravings. Knowing what to expect may help you recognize what’s normal and plan ahead for workarounds. The longer you eat healthfully, the fainter your unhealthy cravings will become until they finally fade away.
In the meantime, you will begin to develop cravings for healthier foods such as whole grains, fresh vegetables, and beans. For example, if I’ve been traveling or unable to eat healthfully for awhile, I develop an overwhelming urge for leafy greens. And on occasion, when I’ve prepared a bowl of homemade miso soup after a bout of less healthy eating, I can practically feel my body suck in the nutrients. I can literally feel my body strengthen as though I’d just received a blood transfusion!
So stick with your healthy eating plan. Your body will learn what it really wants and needs, and communicate those needs to you so that you can truly trust your cravings.

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