Marcia combines the latest scientific findings with traditional healing wisdom to help clients:

  • Boost their energy.
  • Reach their ideal weight.
  • Reverse or recover from disease, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other illnesses.
  • Heal digestive problems.
  • Sleep soundly.
  • Feel calm, happy and confident.
  • Prolong life.
  • And attain their personal health goals.

Let Marcia help you transform your body and your life. Contact Marcia today for an appointment to discover your maximum potential through the food you eat.


Weekly Health Tip:

Here’s how to be a good cook. Cooking is like any endeavor—the more you practice, the better you get. Here are some tips for speeding your learning curve:

  • Choose high quality ingredients. You know what techies say about computers: “Garbage in, garbage out.” It’s the same with our cooking. High quality ingredients are more likely to produce high quality results. For example, if your recipe calls for adding wine, buy good wine. If it calls for balsamic vinegar, get the best you can afford. Make sure your vegetables are fresh and vibrant. It’s hard to beat local, seasonal produce fresh from the farmer’s market. You get the idea.
  • If a recipe you try isn’t as delicious as you’d like, don’t give up on it. Adjust it! Feel free to write notes in your cookbooks, modify amounts, omit or add ingredients, or make other adjustments. Sometimes I have to try a recipe 2 or 3 times before I get it to taste the way I like.
  • Cook with a friend who is a good cook and ask them for recipes, tips, and cookbook recommendations.
  • Experiment with intuitive cooking. If you feel like eating a certain type of food, see if you can put together a dish on your own, without a recipe. You may just create a masterpiece.

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