• Marcia combines the latest scientific findings with traditional healing wisdom to help clients:
  • Boost their energy.
  • Reach their ideal weight.
  • Reverse or recover from disease, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other illnesses.
  • Heal digestive problems.
  • Sleep soundly.
  • Feel calm, happy and confident.
  • Prolong life.
  • And attain their personal health goals.

Let Marcia help you transform your body and your life. Contact Marcia today for an appointment to discover your maximum potential through the food you eat.


Weekly Health Tip:

Think twice before taking calcium supplements. When you take calcium supplements, you may easily consume more calcium than your body can handle. The excess can have negative side effects, including increased arterial plaque, kidney stones, disrupted heart rhythm, and constipation. Instead, eat plenty of leafy greens, sesame seeds, and small fish such as sardines, all of which are rich in calcium without the negative side effects of calcium supplements.

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