Counseling Services

Let Marcia empower you with the dietary and lifestyle information you need, as well as an easy-to-follow action plan, with menus and recipes custom-tailored to your needs, personality and lifestyle.

Marcia helps clients heal from a wide array of health problems. She even makes house calls, and is happy to meet with you in the comfort of your own home or office (within the 5 boroughs of Manhattan).  She offers a variety of counseling options, so that you may choose the level of service that best fits your needs:


Monthly Retainer

When you work with me on retainer, I’m at your beck and call.  You can arrange to meet with me whenever you feel the need or have the time, and you can arrange for weekly (or even daily) call-in sessions to keep you on track.  I break down your goals into easy action steps and guide you each step of the way. I then check in with you by phone, text or e-mail at whatever interval you select, to trouble-shoot problems, offer fresh motivation, and hold you accountable for accomplishing your action steps.  This option is great for people who have a hard time staying on track, who need a boost to their discipline, or who simply don’t have the time to plan ahead.  The cost is $700 a month.


3-Session Life Change Program

Register for the 3-Session Life Change Program, and prepare for a whole new you! Your Life Change Program includes:

  • 3 Private one-hour coaching sessions.
  • A complete health history.
  • A discussion of your health goals.
  • A written treatment plan with specific, personalized recommendations.
  • Menus, recipes, and tips especially tailored to your condition.
  • A 3-hour personalized cooking class to help you learn to prepare healthy foods.
  • Ongoing, personal coaching to help you overcome obstacles, stay motivated, answer questions, and support you as you make permanent improvements to your body.
  • Secrets for overcoming food cravings and sticking with your plan.
  • A health food store tour.

You receive all this for the discounted price of only $600. This is a 20% discount on the cost of individual sessions, plus a free cooking class. You can lower your price still further by paying in full at the start of the program, for an extra $50 discount, lowering your total cost to $550 for the entire program.


Single Session

Your hour and a half single session includes:

  • A complete health history.
  • A discussion of your health goals.
  • A written treatment plan with specific, personalized recommendations.

The fee for a private hour and a half therapeutic consultation is $250.


Weight Loss Kick-Start Program 

Whether you’re just starting a weight loss program, or you’re so close to your goal, but just can’t manage to lose those last few stubborn pounds, this program will unstick the needle on your scales and speed you toward your ideal weight. This program includes:

  • Three one-hour counseling sessions, including a complete health history.
  • Specific recommendations to get the weight off and keep it off so that you never again have to go on a diet.
  • A weekly menu plan with recipes for delicious, healthful and satisfying meals.
  • Secrets from naturally slender people, as well as tips from the weight loss experts.
  • Foods that inhibit appetite, and foods that help your body metabolize fat more quickly.
  • Traditional weight loss remedies.

The fee for the Weight Loss Kick-Start Program is $500.


Detox Program

Whether you want to spring clean your body, give yourself an autumn tune-up, or jump-start your health any time of year, a detox program can cleanse your organs of accumulated excess and stimulate the body’s healing process. The detox program includes:

  • A personalized 2-hour health consultation to identify any health problems and customize the detox process for your particular needs.
  • A quick check-in with each of your organs of elimination to pinpoint areas with problems or stagnation.
  • A detailed, personalized detox program, including menus and recipes.
  • Ingredients and materials for internal, food-based remedies.
  • 2 Hands-on applications of recommended holistic external remedies.
  • A longer-term maintenance plan.

The fee for the Detox Program is $500.


Problem Solver Consultation

Okay, so you know a lot already.  You know which foods are healthy and have a general plan for how to eat.  But maybe you need a little help in a specific area where you’re stuck.  If so, my “Problem Solver Consultation” can help get you unstuck.  Let me provide you with some professional help for some of life’s stickiest nutritional quandaries, including:

  • How to Stay Healthy While Traveling
  • Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus
  • Banishing Cravings
  • Dealing with Unsupportive Family Members
  • Maintaining a Healthy Eating Plan Under Stress
  • Eating Healthy on the Run
  • Preparing for Major Life Changes (weddings, job interviews, etc.)
  • Any other specific problem area with which you are grappling.

For just $200, you receive a one-hour consultation that will outline a complete solution to your nutritional problem, including written support materials.


Healthy Family Package

Would you like to get your entire family on track for healthy eating? Would you like to give your kids the best possible advantages in better health, reduced infections, sharper focus and concentration, and a lifetime of healthy eating habits? Would you like to know how to feed your family in a way that balances your own needs with those of your spouse and kids?

My “Healthy Family Package” is designed to do just that. It includes:

  • One hour-long personalized health consultation for each parent and a half-hour individual health consultation for each child in your family.
  • A cooking demonstration for the entire family, resulting in a healthy meal.
  • Healthy lunchbox and snack suggestions with recipes.
  • A one-hour session with the family meal provider on the logistics of planning, shopping for, and preparing healthy meals.
  • A “Let’s Get Healthy” party for up to 8 children.
  • A 5-day meal plan with recipes, designed for your family’s unique health needs, tastes, schedule, and lifestyle.
  • Recommendations for over 30 ways to get your children to eat their vegetables! (and other healthy foods)

If you were to purchase each individual component of this extensive package separately, you’d pay $1,550. But if you sign up for the entire Healthy Family Package, you pay only $950. Call now to receive your complete road map for setting your family on a healthy course that can improve their lives forever!


Private Cooking Classes:

Private cooking classes can be tailored to your individual goals, health condition, and cooking experience. Each class includes recipes, hands-on instruction, and a complete, healthy meal to eat in our take out. The cost is $100 for one 3 to 4 hour session, which generally includes a soup, a grain dish, a bean dish, and a vegetable dish. Classes take place in Marcia’s home kitchen. You are welcome to bring one friend or family member to your private cooking class.


Personalized Weekly Menus and Recipes

Too busy to plan your meals?  Do you often arrive at home with nothing to cook and no ideas for dinner?  Do you spend too much money ordering in or eating out, to the detriment of your wallet, your waistline, and your health?

Now, help is available!  You can receive a personalized one-week menu plan tailored to your unique health condition and lifestyle, along with recipes for preparing each item in your plan.  The cost is only $150, which includes:

  • A brief phone consultation to determine your needs, tastes, and lifestyle,
  • A one-week plan, including entrees, two side dishes, soup, and two or three healthy desserts per week,
  • Menus for all the dishes in your plan.

If you’d really like to treat yourself, consider signing up for cooking classes, for full instructions on how to prepare each item in your meal plan!


Shopping Companion

Do you suffer from shopping confusion?  Do you wonder what groceries are healthy, or which brands to choose?  Do become confused by the nutritional information and ingredients list on packages?  Or maybe you just don’t know how to get started choosing foods for a healthier you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then my “Shopping Companion” package is for you.

I will be happy to accompany you on a shopping trip to your local health food store or market to help you select the most wholesome, health-supporting ingredients for your kitchen and demystify the food selection process.  On our shopping trip, you will receive a revealing education in exactly which grocery items are healthy, which claim to be healthy but in fact are not, which items are acceptable as an occasional treat, and which to avoid.

The cost is only $75 for a lively shopping excursion that will provide you with a lifetime of shopping savvy.


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