What Is Macrobiotics?

The macrobiotic diet emphasizes plant-based whole foods, including traditional foods with special healing properties. Macrobiotic healing techniques are based upon traditional Asian healing methods and are similar in many respects to the principles behind acupuncture, shiatsu massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In keeping with the latest thinking on Quantum Physics, macrobiotics views the world in terms of energy and its influence on matter. Macrobiotics considers not only the calories and nutrients of a food, but also its energetic influence on the body’s organs, meridians, and chakras. You might think of it as a kind of internal acupuncture, using food instead of needles, but much more pleasant!

In addition, macrobiotics considers health to be a component not only of the food we eat, but of our total environment. Therefore, before recommending specific foods, a macrobiotic counselor may consider such external factors as the climate, season and weather, the client’s home environment, type of work, relationships, activities, mental outlook, personal goals, and many other factors.

According to macrobiotic thought, our health is interconnected with the health of our planet and other living creatures. When we bring ourselves into harmony with these elements, we strengthen our own ability to achieve maximum vigor, lifespan, and happiness.

The macrobiotic diet has been shown to be highly effective in improving general health and alleviating many serious illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Macrobiotics has seen a growing influence in the nutritional world, due to its holistic approach and long-term positive outcomes.