Testimonials from Counseling Clients

“Marcia’s plan for food and simple exercise were a dream come true for me. I never thought I could feel so full and satisfied while losing weight and inches.  I lost the 9 pounds I thought I would never lose, and I’ve kept off the weight without feeling deprived.  I thank Marcia from the bottom of my healthy heart for her guidance and inspiration – I finally have a food plan I can follow with ease.”  – Rita Houlihan

“I came to Marcia to learn how to cook the foods that would allow me to recover from breast and lymph node cancer. I was impressed by how knowledgeable she is, how patiently she answered my questions, and how encouraging and reassuring she was. She gave me confidence that I could heal. Marcia’s presence alone is healing and strengthening. …And the food tasted great.” -Michele Germain

“Marcia is a walking encyclopedia of health and nutrition. She listened very carefully to understand my concerns, and then tailored her menu recommendations to reflect exactly what I was looking for. Hers is not a formulaic approach to wellness; Marcia works to meet your specific needs. Not only that – she’s a pleasure to talk with and her recipes are easy and delicious!” -Lin Saberski

“Her knowledge of the use of food for healing is deep and wide. She has an ability to communicate her knowledge in interesting, practical, and motivational ways to help her clients and students make lasting improvements in their health and their lives.” -Denny Waxman, Founder, Strengthening Health Institute

“Marcia Berry’s work as a nutritional counselor brings new hope of wellness to her clients. Her bright presence and kindness supports her extensive knowledge of nutrition as she customizes a diet for each client. I am impressed by her attention to detail, and her willingness to work with each client to answer their questions and accommodate their needs. Marcia’s approach to nutritional counseling is endlessly creative while supplying recipes and resources to support her recommendations.”  Ann Stannard

Speaking Testimonials

“Marcia has been presenting classes for DOROT’s isolated older adults since February 2010.  Her telephone classes are very popular among DOROT’s clients and often there is a waiting list for the topics she presents.  She is informative, thorough, organized, and sensitive.  Marcia is a pleasure and easy to work with.  She educates, supports and inspires.  I am so delighted to have found her as a speaker.” – Marina Laddin, Manager, DOROT’s University Without Walls

“Marcia Berry is a gifted, knowledgeable and generous presenter and facilitator. The women who attend her programs always comment on how kind, compassionate, professional and wonderful she and her workshops are. They come away with a wealth of wisdom, resources and tools that empower them to make healthier choices. Many have spoken about how she and the information she has shared with them have helped them make positive changes in their health and their lives. I confidently and wholeheartedly encourage women to attend Marcia’s workshops knowing they will greatly benefit from the experience. And women ALWAYS thank me. We are very privileged to have her as one of our primary presenters/facilitators at the Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center for Spirituality & Empowerment.” – Karen O’Brien, Co-Director, The Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center

“Fantastic information! Wonderful connections between science, research, and natural human experience. Marcia’s suggestions for foods were greatly appreciated and her knowledge on the subject matter was impressive and reassuring. Marcia’s approach is warm and inviting. We thank her for joining us at Fountain House!”
-Anna Jarashaw, Wellness Center, Fountain House

“Marcia has proven to be very knowledgeable in her field of expertise as well as informative to our audiences. They have enjoyed her every time.” -Jane Munafo, Coordinator, Calvary Hospital Family Care Center

“Marcia Berry has been a Nutritional Consultant for my group, Moonfire, since 2007. She has facilitated workshops for Moonfire on various topics of interest regarding health and nutrition. Her excellent and expert presentations, coupled with her cheery personality, have made her a favorite presenter among the attendees of my group.” -Amethyst Nemzoff, Creator of Moonfire

“Thank you SO MUCH for your presentation last week! It was wonderful. We learned so much from you.” -Alina Bas, Human Resources, Gouverneur Hospital

“A wonderful presentation of a very deep subject.” -Melanie Sparks, Attendee of Biorhythms Lecture

“Marcia is an excellent speaker, and I always learn something new from her. I’m looking forward to more lectures from her.” -Lorraine Gibney, Attendee of Biorhythms Lecture

“Marcia is a wonderful presenter-so open, calming and inviting-all the while very content rich.”
-Participant at Banish the Blues and Build Your Bliss Lecture

“It was amazing. You managed in 2 hours to give so much information with easy to understand explanations.” -Wendy, Participant at  Banish the Blues and Build Your Bliss Lecture

“Marcia is engaging, interesting, and brought the subject to a whole new dimension.” -Participant, Dorot’s University Without Walls

“The information was terrific. The instructor is very knowledgeable.” -Participant, Dorot’s University Without Walls

“The teacher is lovely, smart, excellent, and interesting.” -Participant, Dorot’s University Without Walls

“I enjoyed it and learned a lot.” -Participant, Dorot’s University Without Walls


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